Majestic Theaters Of San Diego
Early 20th Century Hollywood Movie Palaces Hollywood arrived on the scene in the 1920s along with the shift from silent movies to talkies. Movie houses immediately began springing up around the country. They were mega-theaters—each one more extravagant than the last. Fox Films Corporation was one of those national giants that led the way using a variety of architectural motifs from around the world to add novelty and awe to the exciting new experience. Those giant venues of the silver screen flourished until the late 40s when television and an exodus to the suburbs changed everything forever. Fortunately, some of the most extravagant theaters still remain. Let's take a look! This tour is about those movie palaces that defined life in San Diego, both then and now, some 1o0 years later. There were many theaters large and small throughout San Diego—most have disappeared in the name of progress. There are, however, three original theaters still intact and functioning as magnificent 21st century venues. On this tour you will see where they are and what they look like inside and outside through photos, and hopefully, you can arrange for a guided tour to see inside on a day when they have the doors open. Or better yet, buy a ticket for one of the upcoming performances. In any case . . . Enjoy the show!
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