Secret Bridges & Trails - Arroyo Canyon
The Thrill of Walking Both Over and Under This tour Is a rare treat, taking you beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. One of the unique aspects of San Diego is the presence of beautiful canyons winding through the city. As you make your way up from the bay, to the top of the hills bordering Mission Valley, you discover beautiful views and unexpected surprises. Not simply a city on a hill, the canyons wander through cutting fantastic cliffs and surprisingly deep ravines - cutting across the grid of city streets. As a result, there are a number of dead-end streets and quiet neighborhoods with killer views, quite remarkable within the fabric of an urban environment. In the early days of developing the "suburban" areas just beyond the city center, like Mission Hills, and especially Banker's Hill, there was a need to create ways of getting pedestrians across the canyons, generally linking people to the early trolly system at the turn of the century. This tour is focused on Arroyo Canyon, while it's twin tour covers the fascinating trail and bridges of Maple Canyon. (There is also another tour that includes all of the fascinating pedestrian bridges of San Diego, both historic and contemporary. However, the intent of the two canyon/bridge tours is to specifically includes hiking to the bridges in order to view them from both above and below, giving a more complete experience of these historic gems. The fascinating thing about this tour is that you will see a truly one-of-a-kind suspension bridge, that has been nicknamed the "Wiggly Bridge." You will undoubtedly enjoy the gentle swaying as you cross. You may even want to sit down in the middle for a spell - maybe even rock yourself to sleep. This is both a driving and a walking tour. You will most likely want to drive to the starting point, then hike through the canyon to the bridge, and then return. However, those more ambitious hikers may want to make it an extended urban trek (perhaps combining both the Arroyo & Maple Canyon bridges together. In either case, the bridges will undoubtedly delight and inspire you to do even more hidden tours in and around the beautiful San Diego hills.
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